Online-Vortragsreihe »Radar in Aktion«  /  04. Mai 2021, 14.00-14.30

Machine Learning for Radar Applications – Small Target Detection and Robust Classification using Neural Networks

Sprache: Englisch

Machine Learning approaches, especially neural networks, give State-of-the-Art results in several computer vision tasks. This presentation shows two applications of neural networks to radar data. The first one is the detection of persons and drones with a surveillance radar. The second one is the classification of radar targets using convolutional neural networks. The latter part focuses on the robustness of these networks, i.e. which part of the input data is relevant for classification and how to avoid fooling.


M. Sc. Simon Wagner


  • Small Target Detection 
  • Classification of Radar Targets 
  • Which part of the input image is used for classification 
  • Methods to avoid fooling of neural networks

Target Group:

  • Customers, partners and interested parties from industry, politics, science and society
  • Specialists and managers, project managers and decision makers


The participation in the event is free of charge.


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