Multifunctional RF- and Radar-Systems (MFR)

With innovative multifunctional radio-frequency and radar systems, we are taking the lead in major European projects such as FCAS and contribute in times of historical change within the German Armed Forces.

Multifunktionale Hochfrequenz- und Radarsysteme (MFR)
© Fraunhofer FHR / Andreas Schoeps
Multifunktionale Hochfrequenz- und Radarsysteme (MFR)

For decades, we have dominated the defense radar research market with our unique expertise and experimental systems. Across the institute, special competences and a large amount of experience has emerged. We are pooling all these strengths in the Multifunctional RF- and Radar-Systems section. This enables the close integration of hardware and software within common architectures and interfaces. Another goal is to improve the collection and exchange of experimental data. In this way, we can support the Bundeswehr and our defense industry with innovative, high-value components for future defense systems to support the sovereignty of Germany and Europe.

Projects of the MFR section