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Online Lecture Series
»Radar in Action«#

With our research results we support the economy and society.

#WeKnowHow - Online Lecture Series »Radar in Action«

Experts from Fraunhofer are at the forefront of the fight against the COVID 19 pandemic - and support industry and society in coping with its direct effects and subsequent consequences. We at Fraunhofer FHR are developing new radar applications to support the economy and society in these difficult times.

With the presentation of our research results we would like to show what is possible with radar and how you can use the possibilities. Unfortunately, this is hardly possible in personal form at the moment. That is why we have started the public online lecture series "Radar in Action" on the institute's various radar applications: from contactless life sign detection and space observation to autonomous driving and much more. The lectures are aimed at customers, partners and interested parties from industry, politics, science and society.

The half-hourly events take place on Tuesdays every two weeks at 2 pm CET. They include live presentations on a radar application - partly including live demonstrations using experimental systems as well as opportunities for questions and exchange. Participation is free of charge, only a registration is necessary.

Topics and Dates#

After the summer break you will find the next dates here.

Topics and Dates in German language#

The new dates in German language for 2021 will be published here shortly.

Past topics and dates 2020#

These lectures are unfortunately already over.

Deutsch / 8.9.2020

Höhere Auflösung, dreidimensionale Abbildungen: Neue Fähigkeiten durch Aufklärung mit luftgetragenem Kreis-SAR

Referent: Dipl.-Ing. Stephan Palm


The Star Trek Tricorder becomes reality - How radar enables life sign detection from a distance

Speaker: Dr.-Ing. Reinhold Herschel

Deutsch / 22.9.2020

Hochauflösendes 240-Ghz-Radar mit SiGe-Chip

Referent: Prof. Dr.-Ing. Nils Pohl, Dr.-Ing. Reinhold Herschel


GESTRA: Low earth orbit always »in sight«

Speaker: Christoph Reising


Quality control in production with radar-based surface imaging

Speaker: Dr. rer. nat. André Froehly

Deutsch / 20.10.2020

Gefahr durch Drohnen: Überwachung von Flughäfen mit Millimeterwellenradar

Referent: Winfried Johannes


Echtzeit-SAR - Live Bildgebung aus der Luft bei allen Wetterbedingungen

Referent: Dr. Stephan Stanko


»Driverless« Cars: How they can safely hit the road

Speaker: Dr.-Ing. Thomas Dallmann, Dipl.-Ing. Torsten Mathy


Medical Technology: New impulses in magnetic resonance imaging with metamaterials

Speaker: Dr. Endri Stoja, Dr. Diego Batancourt, Prof. Dr. Matthias Günter (Fraunhofer MEVIS)


Danger for Political demonstrations? Sport Events? ORAS detects drones early with radar

Referent: Dipl.-Ing. Andries Küter


Terahertz-SAR - Submillimeterwellen entdecken kleinste Strukturen wie Risse im Straßenbelag

Referent: Michael Weimer


Higher resolution, three-dimensional images: New capabilities through reconnaissance with airborne circle SAR

Speaker: Dipl.-Ing. Stephan Palm


Space Debris Removal: Support with the Space Observation Radar TIRA

Speaker: Dr. Lars Fuhrmann

English / 23.2.2021

High-resolution imaging with a 240-Ghz radar with SiGe chip

Speaker:  Prof. Dr.-Ing. Nils Pohl, Dr.-Ing. Reinhold Herschel

English / 2.3.2021

Parasol: Passive radar controls nighttime marking of wind turbines

Speaker: Dipl.-Ing. Jochen Schell

German / 9.3.2021

Radar schützt Fußgänger – das HORIS-Projekt

Referent: Dr.-Ing. Reinhold Herschel

English / 16.3.2021

Ballast Condition Assessment in modern railways using RADAR

Thoetphan Kingsuwannaphong, M. Sc. (RWTH Aachen)
Stefan Rümmler, M. Sc.

English / 23.3.2021

Real-time SAR - live aerial imaging in all weather conditions

Speaker: Dr. rer. nat. Stephan Stanko

English / 20.4.2021

Danger from drones: Monitoring airports with millimeter wave radar

Speaker:  M. Sc. Winfried Johannes

German / 27.4.2021

Synthese von Radarrohdaten in Verkehrsszenarien durch Raytracing

Referent: M. Eng. Stefan Wald, Dr.-Ing. Thomas Dallmann

English / 4.5.2021

Machine Learning for Radar Applications – Small Target Detection and Robust Classification using Neural Networks

Speaker:  M.Sc. Simon Wagner

Deutsch / 11.5.2021

TIRA als Sensor im Bereich Space Situational Awareness (SSA)

Referent: M. Sc. Nora Egli

English / 18.5.2021

DVB-S based passive radar imaging

Speaker: Dr. Iole Pisciottano  

German / 1.6.2021

Additive Herstellungsverfahren für Millimeterwellen-Komponenten

Referent: M. Eng. Alex Shoykhetbrod

English / 8.6.2021

The HORIS Project – How radar helps to protect pedestrians

Speaker: Dr.-Ing. Reinhold Herschel

German / 15.6.2021

Bildgebende Materialanalyse – SAMMI 3.0

Referent: M. Sc. Sven Leuchs