Measuring equipment

Radar systems that range in size from a matchbox to a small van are developed, constructed and tested at Fraunhofer FHR. To this end, the institute has a wide range of measuring instruments and facilities.

  • Four anechoic antenna and RCS measurement chambers from UHF to 400 GHz
  • Linear and spherical near-field scanners
  • HF measurement technology from UHF to 2 THz, CW and pulsed, S-parameters, spectrum and phase noise
  • High-load rotary disc unit (up to 30 t, measurable angle of depression 0-13°, measuring distance 138 m, 16-bit angle encoder)
  • Cooling and heating chambers (-40 to +180°C)
  • Vibration measurement unit
  • Open space measurements with reference markers up to 600 m
  • Rail-based precision measurement systems
  • dielectric material parameter measurement of plastic materials and coating layers from 100 MHz to 95 GHz (see also: