Working Environment

Equal Opportunities and Work-Life-Balance

Fraunhofer FHR firmly believes that male and female employees should be offered equal opportunities, irrespective of gender, religion, ethnic origin, age or disability. At FHR, diversity is regarded as the enrichment and utilisation of your creative potential. Individually formed teams consisting of male and female employees of different age groups, cultures and disciplines promote a collegial environment and also increase the quality of our work results.

The ability to achieve a happy equilibrium between leisure interests, family and work lies at the very heart of the equal opportunities ethos. Employees who do not have an optimal work life balance are not in a position to offer exceptional and innovative services.

For this reason, all of our employees are given the opportunity to organise their professional activities in the most flexible manner possible. We offer

  • family-friendly working hours with flexitime,
  • various part-time working models,
  • childcare assistance in the form of parent-child room, emergency childcare,
  • support for active fatherhood (parental leave) and the
  • provision of day care personnel

In addition, various sport and music groups have been formed within the institute and new members are always welcome.

Personnel development and further education

We would like to motivate our employees to obtain the best possible qualifications so that they can further their career and promotion prospects. They are experts in their field with valuable expertise and experience. We offer individual professional training measures to ensure that this expertise can be purposefully developed and passed on. Employees also have the opportunity to participate in the Fraunhofer Education Programme to acquire further generic competences, soft skills and methodological or managerial expertise.

Living and working in Wachtberg

In addition to the so-called "hard location factors" such as location, transport network, prices and non-personal taxes, the municipality of Wachtberg is notable, above all, for its soft location factors. Live and work in a wonderful landscape with extensive views of the famous Siebengebirge or the Eifel heights with ancient Rhine terraces and elementary volcanic activity - just a 20 minutes drive by car from Bonn.

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