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Research Group Integrated Radar Sensors

240 GHz SiGe Transceiver MMIC
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240 GHz SiGe Transceiver MMIC

The possibility of integrating entire radar sensors on a chip is revolutionizing radar technology. Fraunhofer FHR has already been using integrated circuits in radar sensors for a number of decades. A special team at Fraunhofer FHR dedicates itself to the design of complex radar chips and is therefore instrumental in the development of compact and cost-effective radar systems. The cooperation in the area of integrated sensor systems was further strengthened when Professor Nils Pohl accepted his appointment to the chair of Integrated Systems at the Ruhr University Bochum.

The resource-intensive circuit design profits from the research at the university and can be seen as the final brick in the bridge towards the application-oriented research of a Fraunhofer institute. With a view to strengthening the cooperation, Fraunhofer FHR moved part of the chip design team, which is still headed by Professor Pohl, to the Ruhr University Bochum. Several joint research projects based on a shared technology roadmap have now been commenced. The first radar chips based on university research have already been successfully implemented in industrial applications by Fraunhofer FHR.