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Details relating to upcoming events and trade fairs in which Fraunhofer FHR will participate can be found on the following pages.

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  • Digital Event /  October 26, 2020 - October 29, 2020

    Fraunhofer Solution Days

    presentation. Inspiration. Vision: The digital Fraunhofer event in fall 2020. What can you expect? From October 26 - 29, 2020, we will address four topics of high relevance to the innovative strength of Germany and Europe: Health. The digital economy. Plant and mechanical engineering. Mobility. Follow interesting presentations on current technology highlights and significant solutions, visit our exhibitors virtually and exchange ideas with Fraunhofer experts in live chats. In all four subject areas we focus on achieving a global competitive advantage with innovations and holistic solutions. Our aim is to secure the technological sovereignty and resilience of the economy in Germany and Europe. We remain a driving force even in crises and provide answers to the question of what makes a society more resilient. Benefit from our know-how and our research that is geared to demand, markets, technology and industry.

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  • Bendplatz Aachen /  November 03, 2020, 9:30 - 16:30

    bonding Aachen 2020

    The terahertz line scan camera, which was developed by Fraunhofer FHR, allows the sorting of colored and black plastics according to type.
    © Fraunhofer FHR

    No matter if you’re looking for a position as student assistant, intern, for your bachelor’s or master’s thesis or even your Ph.D. – with Fraunhofer you get hands-on experience from the start! So set an exclamation mark to your CV by joining one of Europe’s largest research institutes for radar and high frequency technology. Fraunhofer FHR designs, develops and implements complex high-frequency systems, executing each step in-house. The application spectrum ranges from reconnaissance, surveillance and protection systems to real-time capable sensors for traffic and navigation as well as quality assurance and non-destructive testing. At Fraunhofer FHR, we often look for employees from the fields of electrical engineering, physics and mathematics. We’re looking forward meeting you!

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  • Online Lecture Series »Radar in Action« /  November 10, 2020, 14.00-14.30

    »Driverless« Cars: How they can safely hit the road

    © Fraunhofer FHR / Andreas Schoeps

    In the long term, many experts expect that cars could drive through the streets on their own. However, this requires safety technologies - including radar sensors. These must first be tested over several million kilometers, an almost impossible task. With radar target simulators, such tests can be performed much more easily and cost-effectively. In this presentation we will discuss different approaches to radar target simulation and present our own system ATRIUM.

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  • Online Lecture Series »Radar in Action« /  November 17, 2020, 14.00-14.30

    Medical Technology: New impulses in magnetic resonance imaging with metamaterials

    Visualisierung des Track-While-Scan-Mode.
    © Fraunhofer FHR/Bellhäuser

    Magnetic resonance imaging is by far the most high-performance imaging technology, but it is also the technically most challenging one. New concepts based on the use of metamaterials make it possible to open up new fields of application and overcome the limitations of established procedures.

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  • Online Lecture Series »Radar in Action« /  November 24, 2020, 14.00-14.30

    Danger for Political demonstrations? Sport Events? ORAS detects drones early with radar

    © Fraunhofer FHR / Andreas Schoeps

    If a sports event takes place in a stadium, it is not only important to ensure the safety of athletes and spectators, but also to prevent the event from being misused for political statements - for example, because a drone and its poster are circling the stadium. A compact, user-friendly radar system from Fraunhofer FHR reliably detects even the smallest drones.

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  • Visualisierung des Track-While-Scan-Mode.
    © Fraunhofer FHR/Bellhäuser

    If you want to image a terrain by radar from an aircraft with the highest possible resolution, it is best to fly in circles over it. Fraunhofer FHR has developed a corresponding circular SAR: It operates at 94 gigahertz on a small carrier platform and thus achieves a very high resolution. In addition, even with single-channel radar it can provide 3D information and capture the shape of moving objects.

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  • Online Lecture Series »Radar in Aktion« /  December 15, 2020, 14.00-14.30

    Space Debris Removal: Support with the Space Observation Radar TIRA

    Analyse einer japanischen H-IIA Raketenoberstufe.
    © Fraunhofer FHR

    More and more debris is orbiting Earth - a serious threat to satellite missions. Space agencies are therefore making increasing efforts to reduce space debris. The space observation radar TIRA of Fraunhofer FHR, which is unique in Europe, can provide useful support in this process: For example, it provides data on how and at what speed the objects rotate and whether they are still intact.

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  • Utrecht, Netherlands /  January 10, 2021 - January 15, 2021

    EuMW 2020

    © European Microwave Week

    The European Microwave Week 2020 takes place in Utrecht! European Microwave Week 2020 brings industry and science together and is a six-day event, including three state-of-the-art conferences and an exciting trade and technology show with leading players from around the world.

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  • Leipzig /  March 29, 2021 - April 01, 2021

    EuSAR 2021

    EuSAR - European Conference on Synthetic Aperture Radar
    © VDE

    EUSAR, the European Conference on Synthetic Aperture Radar, is the world leading international conference dedicated to SAR techniques, Technology and applications.

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