Online-Lecture »Radar in Action«  /  March 01, 2022, 14.00-14.30

Clutter-Free Localization by Harmonic Radar at 60/120 GHz


Accurate range measurements near other reflectors, known as clutter, can be challenging for conventional FMCW radars, especially when the target of interest has a small radar cross-section. Even if the distance between different reflectors is large enough, it is not always clear which reflector is the target of interest in cluttered radar scenarios. These challenges can be addressed by placing a harmonic reflector, the tag, on the target of interest. The tag, which consists of antennas and a nonlinear device, responds with an impulse response at a harmonic frequency that is distinct from the passive environment with its linear characteristics. With a receiver also operating at the appropriate harmonic frequency, only the tag's response is converted to the intermediate frequency.


M. Sc Steffen Hansen


  • This presentation will provide a brief introduction to the principles of harmonic radar and demonstrate the benefits and challenges of this technology. The possibilities of a compact system near 60/120 GHz in a SiGe technology will be shown.

Target Group:

  • Customers, partners and interested parties from industry, politics, science and society
  • Specialists and managers, project managers and decision makers


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