Core Competencies

Space radar

Many of the requirements that arise in the course of increasing globalization can only be met through the utilization of space technology, with the result that this area has experienced an ongoing boom over the last years. The rapidly increasing and practically unregulated utilization of space does, however, create problems and challenges which can only be resolved in the presence of up-to-date knowledge relating to the current situation in space (space situational awareness) and through the development and utilization of advanced space-based systems and technologies. Due to its special properties, radar plays a leading role in Earth observation using space-based sensors as well as in the measurement and analysis of objects in space. The core competency »Space Radar« therefore focuses on the research, development and testing of methods, technologies and systems that can be used in the physical conditions that prevail in space. One special feature is the space observation radar TIRA, which was continuously developed and expanded since it was first constructed in the 1960s and is now one of the leading international research instruments. The core competency combines the basic theoretical and analytical capabilities such as

  • theory and algorithms of high-resolution mono / bistatic interferometric, 1D, 2D and 3D ISAR imaging, subsequent image-based reconnaissance and the technical analysis of space-based systems,
  • theories, algorithms and techniques for the detection, interception, discrimination and orbital tracking of radar-critical targets in space along with extensive knowledge of satellite and astrodynamics, satellite orbit calculation and propagation

with technical and technological capabilities such as

  • design, integration, operation and further development of highly efficient radar devices and large antenna technology as well as drive, control and air-conditioning technology,
  • planning, organization, execution and evaluation of complex, quasi-operational measurement campaigns with the TIRA system as well as the coordination and synchronization of bi- and multi-static national and international campaigns.

Additional expertise and special knowledge from the areas of space physics and space technology such as

  • leading (DE, EU) expertise in the area of space reconnaissance and satellite re-entry / collision forecasting,
  • extensive expertise in all important aspects of space situational awareness, such as surveillance, reconnaissance, threat analysis, space debris situation and space weather

round off the core competency.