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  • The battle against dangerous space debris / 2017

    Defunct satellites: reliably determine and predict attitude motion

    Research News / 1.8.2017

    A correctly scaled radar reconstruction of the ENVISAT satellite.
    © Photo Fraunhofer FHR

    Uncontrollable flying objects in the Earth‘s orbit are an enormous risk for active satellites and for spacecraft in general. Since April 2012, the European environmental satellite ENVISAT has also been adrift in orbit. Now, the Fraun-hofer Institute for High Frequency Physics and Radar Techniques FHR has developed pioneering methods to precisely determine the attitude rotation of malfunctioning satellites and, thus, to support de-orbiting missions in the future.

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  • Fraunhofer FHR is among thirteen universities, research organisations, and technology companies, to receive a 670 thousand Euros grant to boost research in the field of Nanoarchitectronics (NTX)--a new emerging technology combining innovative nanoscale electromagnetics and electronics-- which could lead to better health care, more efficient energy use and wireless technologies. Led by the University of Siena in Italy, the Future and Emerging Technologies (FET) Open Coordination and Support Action project will, among other things, lay the foundations for further developing improved telecommunications beyond 5G, improving the sensing capabilities of remotely piloted aircraft in managing natural disasters.

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