Signal Processing & Algorithms

With the global progress towards greater digitization and autonomy, innovative signal processing methods become increasingly important. The 'Signal Processing and Algorithms' department at Fraunhofer FHR is at the forefront of this field, leading research in array processing, 3D imaging, AI-supported target detection and classification, digital waveforms for MIMO and JCS, and radar system and array design. This department focuses in efficient acquisition and analysis of sensor data through state-of-the-art algorithms and sensing strategies, which not only can augment the system performance but also improve the interpretation of the collected information. This ensures accurate parameter estimation and enhanced environmental perception tailored for real-time applications. Additionally, the team is pioneering the development of sensor fusion techniques and the creation of multimodal simulations (involving radar, lidar, cameras, etc.) for dynamic outdoor and indoor scenarios. These simulations contribute to the advance of digital twin technology and are essential for algorithm testing, predictive analytics, and deep learning training. A broad spectrum of fields can benefit from such capabilities including ground and air mobility, security, healthcare, agriculture, logistics, and quality control processes.