Frontend & Systems

The Department Frontend and Systems (FuS) researches and develops highly integrated radar-based sensor systems for various areas such as industrial measurement technology, civil security, aviation, and the food industry. We take a holistic approach, accompanying your entire development process from idea generation and investigation of specific issues to manufacturing and implementation of our technology in your application. Our team consists of highly qualified scientists and technicians specializing in system development and design, system and module manufacturing, and antenna development. Novel antenna concepts aim to maximize the effectiveness of modern back-ends. In addition to antenna development, we also apply or further develop specific numerical methods, depending on the requirements, which offer application-specific advantages over commercial field solvers. With innovative concepts, we deliver customized solutions for a wide range of applications. As part of our research work, we develop new technologies, methods, and processes to achieve and optimize performance and integrability, for example, through structural conformity. In particular, additive manufacturing of antennas and various high-frequency components (filters, power dividers, combiners, etc.) from different materials (aluminum, copper, stainless steel, PP, PA) enables us to increase integration density, especially of multi-channel systems. We collaborate closely with industry, universities, and partners from various research institutions to implement current research results and the latest findings in our department. Our DIN ISO 9001 certified production line guarantees the highest quality standards in the production of our systems. We place great importance on precise manufacturing processes and ensure that our radar systems meet the high requirements of our customers and partners.

Our goal is to develop innovative, highly integrated (multi-channel) radar systems through our research that enhance the performance, reliability, and efficiency of our customers. We are proud that our solutions are applied in a variety of industries, including mobility, non-destructive material analysis, process control in the steel processing industry, circular economy, civil security, and defense. If you are looking for a research and development partner for highly integrated (multi-channel) radar systems that adheres to the highest quality standards and operates at the forefront of research, you have come to the right place. We look forward to working with you and developing innovative solutions for your specific requirements


Waste4Future - Sorting black plastics using THz sensor technology