Embedded Systems

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The transformation into a digitized and increasingly autonomous world necessitates a multitude of sensor systems in both infrastructure and intrastructures. The research topics of the "Embedded Systems" department at Fraunhofer FHR involve efficiently, effectively, and resource-consciously controlling, data acquisition, and fusing these systems. The department focuses on real-time processing of large volumes of data from multi-channel high-frequency systems for detailed capture of scenes, products, and raw materials, for monitoring in infrastructures and intrastructures, as well as inline quality control in the industry. Efficient concepts for heterogeneous back-end structures based on microcontrollers, FPGAs, GPUs, and CPUs for sensor control, fusion, and distributed signal processing systems on dedicated hardware enable the processing of ever-increasing data volumes in ever-shorter times, thus integrating advanced technologies from the terahertz and optical sectors into applications. The fields of application are diverse, including biomedical sensing, Joint Communication and Sensing (JCS), sorting in circular economies, monitoring process-relevant parameters in the raw material and food processing industries, as well as sensing for autonomous driving and flying


µRADAS (µController Radar-based Surface Reconstruction and Data Acquisition System)

SAMMI - Compact imaging millimeter wave sensor