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Details relating to upcoming events and trade fairs in which Fraunhofer FHR will participate can be found on the following pages.

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  • Online Lecture Series »Radar in Action« /  March 02, 2021, 14.00-14.30

    Parasol: Passive radar controls nighttime identification of wind turbines

    Windenergieanlagen mit rot blickender Nachtkennzeichnung

    Wind energy is an important pillar of the energy transition. However, the disturbing red flashing warning lights at night in particular cause rejection among the affected citizens in the surrounding area. The passive radar system PARASOL for demand-oriented nighttime warning, approved by the German Air Traffic Control, can immediately provide an environmentally friendly and cost-conscious remedy.

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  • Online Lecture Series »Radar in Action« /  March 16, 2021, 14.00-14.30

    Ballast Condition Assessment in modern railways using RADAR

    Ground penetrating radar (GPR) system has become an attractive non-destructive inspection method for railway track monitoring and maintenance. In generally, this inspection is still mostly performed by visual observation and using cores in specific locations with both methods having clear limitations. In this research, we are evaluating novel processing algorithms for Railway track inspection based on a full-polarimetric high-resolution GPR system build at the FHR. On the other hand, simulation models are being refined to make them more reliable and accurate for training machine learning algorithms for an automatic track inspection.

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  • Online /  March 22, 2021 - March 26, 2021

    15th European Conference on Antennas and Propagation

    Attracting almost 1400 attendees it is one of the two largest conferences in antennas and propagation in the world. It will be the 15th edition of the conference, which promotes not only new trends in antenna theory, techniques, and technology, but also closer relations among academia, research centres, and industry. To that aim, tools such as application tracks, industrial workshops, technical tours, and, above all, a large exhibition, have been implemented.

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  • Online Lecture Series »Radar in Action« /  March 23, 2021, 14.00-14.30

    Real-time SAR - live aerial imaging in all weather conditions

    Airborne real-time SAR processing and ground-based real-time observation of large areas by a weather-independent and remote radar sensor offers a variety of new and interesting applications. This is achieved by a compact and powerful radar sensor and a long-range digital data link.

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  • Leipzig /  March 29, 2021 - April 01, 2021

    EuSAR 2021

    EuSAR - European Conference on Synthetic Aperture Radar
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    EUSAR, the European Conference on Synthetic Aperture Radar, is the world leading international conference dedicated to SAR techniques, Technology and applications.

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  • Online Lecture Series »Radar in Action« /  April 20, 2021, 14.00-14.30

    Danger from drones: Monitoring airports with millimeter wave radar

    If drones get in the way of aircraft taking off or landing, it can be dangerous. The German government would therefore like to provide better protection for airports. This would be possible, for example, with a radar system that simultaneously monitors the ground and airspace, classifies objects and determines their flight altitude. The system can also be used to monitor military camps and checkpoints.

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  • Telekom Dome Bonn /  September 16, 2021, 10:00 - 17:30

    Karrieretag Bonn 2021

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    Whether as a specialist, scientist, student assistant, intern, for your dissertations or doctoral thesis - gain practical experience during your studies and set a milestone in your scientific career at one of the largest radar research institutes in Europe. Fraunhofer FHR develops radar systems from concept to finished prototype. They are used for quality assurance in industry, on various vehicles, for the observation of near-earth space and for environment, defence and security. At Fraunhofer FHR, students of electrical engineering, physics and mathematics are most frequently in demand.

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