Fraunhofer Institute for High Frequency Physics and Radar Techniques FHR


Fraunhofer FHR is one of the leading radar research institutes in Europe. It conducts extensive research in the area of high frequency and radar techniques and is committed, in cooperation with public institutions, universities and industrial enterprises, to the development of new products that will create benefits for society and strengthen the economy.

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Careers at Fraunhofer FHR

FHR is the ideal partner for clients who wish to conduct up-to-date research using state-of-the-art equipment – some of which is unique in Europe – and develop new radar and high frequency technology applications for customers from industry and the public sector! We offer attractive positions at all career levels – from student level to qualified expert.

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8th International Summer School on Radar/ SAR

From radar fundamentals over state-of-the-art Radar/SAR systems to sophisticated signal processing techniques - Interested in in-depth education on radar and SAR techniques by distinguished international lecturers in a vibrant atmosphere? Apply now!

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What is inside the "ball"?

With its space observation radar TIRA, the researchers at FHR develop new radar techniques for the precise determination of the trajectory, size and form of objects in space. These innovative techniques are also used to check the functionality of satellites, support space missions and monitor the general situation in space.

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Research for defense and security

Photorealistic aerial images, high-precision measurements of satellite orbits, a look beneath the Earth's surface,  air surveillance through the utilization of TV and radio stations – just a few examples of the remarkable capabilities of radar. Due to its unique capabilities – independence from weather and daylight, long-range, high sensitivity to range rate changes and the generation of high resolution images – radar is now an indispensable tool for military and civilian applications.

The Fraunhofer Institute for High Frequency Physics and Radar Techniques FHR has focused on the fine-tuning of existing radar systems and the development of groundbreaking new radar technology for over 50 years and has therefore shaped the history of radar for more than half of the time that has passed since it was first patented by Christian Hülsmeyer in 1904.


Sorting black plastics according to type

Recycling black plastics, such as those found in car instrument panels, used to be impossible because their absorption properties made them simply invisible to typical optical analysis systems. But Fraunhofer researchers have developed a new technology that can sort black plastics according to type – and at affordable prices.



Remote-controlled robot inspects suitcase bombs

Abandoned items of luggage found at airports and train stations are a case for the emergency services, who have to assume that these items might contain bombs. In the future, police will have the support of a remote-controlled sensor system as they go about their duties. Fraunhofer researchers are developing this sensor suite in cooperation with industry partners and criminal investigation authorities.


Radar guards against space debris

Space debris poses a growing threat to satellites and other spacecraft, which could be damaged in the event of a collision. A new German space surveillance system, scheduled to go into operation in 2018, will help to prevent such incidents. The tracking radar is being developed by Fraunhofer researchers on behalf of DLR Space Administration.

High-precision radar for the steel industry

Steel is the most important material in vehicle and machinery construction. Large quantities of offcuts and scraps are left over from rolling and milling crude steel into strip steel. New radar from Fraunhofer researchers measures the width of the strip during fabrication to an accuracy of micrometers and helps to minimize scrap.

Events and Exhibitions


EuSAR 2016

Visit us at booth 04 and get to know your career at Fraunhofer FHR!


WCNDT 2016

At this year's WCNDT Fraunhofer FHR, IAIS and ISOB prensent blackValue. This system - consinsting of an innovative terahertz-camera and sorter - is able to seperate black plastics by sort.


Wachtberg-Forum 2016

Visit us on June 30th and get to know our latest projects and innovations!


8th International Summer School on Radar/SAR

Apply now to gain an in-depth education on radar and synthetic aperture radar (SAR) techniques by international lecturers!