Human and Environment


Fraunhofer FHR has a high level of expertise in practically all areas of modern radar technology and the related high frequency physics. The business unit "Man & Environment" focuses on establishing application areas for these competencies in two high-growth sectors.

The "Man" sector embraces health and leisure themes but also extends to interaction and communication. Application areas include:

-          medical technology

-          precision healthcare

-          ambient assisted living

-          sport metrology

-          man-machine interface

Thanks to its precision combined with non-contact and penetration functionality, radar can open up completely new application possibilities in these areas. These range from the measurement of medically relevant parameters at the hospital bed to high-precision movement analysis in sport and rehabilitation. Radar has enormous potential in the human environment.

Radar also has a wide spectrum of applications in the "Environment" sector. Imaging radar systems in the air or in space have a permanent view of the Earth irrespective of the time of day or cloud cover. Hence, agricultural and forest lands can be measured regularly to gain an overview of the quality and growth of the vegetation. Ground and onboard radar systems also have numerous applications in the area of environmental and geomonitoring.

The application possibilities of radar are practically unlimited. If you have new application ideas in your company, please feel free to contact us!