Business Units

Business Units

Fraunhofer FHR supports its customers and partners through its ability to develop innovative products in six business units. The business units are continuously adapted in line with the respective market situation.



Smart, modular, multi-modal and compact – these are the special demands placed on future radar systems that have formed the focus of research at Fraunhofer FHR for many years already. In addition to the surveillance and reconnaissance techniques, the scientists also investigate innovative concepts for camouflaging and hardening internal radar systems as well as for jamming or deceiving enemy systems. With its extensive know-how, Fraunhofer FHR covers the entire spectrum of high frequency and radar techniques for defense purposes.



Fraunhofer FHR is one of the leading research institutes in the area of space observation. With TIRA, the institute has a practically unique system for space surveillance. To enable uninterrupted space surveillance, Fraunhofer FHR is also currently developing GESTRA on behalf of the aerospace management of the German Aerospace Center (DLR-Raumfahrtmanagement). In the area of radar-based space reconnaissance, Fraunhofer FHR combines the entire system chain under one roof and can supply its partners with everything they require from a single source.



Radar offers numerous possibilities for applications in the air, at sea or in road traffic. Fraunhofer FHR investigates ways of leveraging this potential in various projects. The institute's partners have access to an extensive service portfolio: from technology consulting to design, construction and prototype development. Work at the institute focuses on finding efficient and prompt solutions to problems that arise during the development of a new product.


Man and Environment

Thanks to its precision combined with non-contact and penetration functionality, radar can open up completely new application possibilities. High-resolution imaging is also possible from large distances. The research activities of the institute also investigate application fields in the areas of health and medical technology as well as environmental- and geomonitoring.



Research into forward-looking security solutions has always been a key issue at Fraunhofer FHR. The institute focuses on the development of compact sensor technologies which can provide emergency personnel with detailed images and information relating to the respective situation – in real time and in all weather conditions. Radar systems are therefore ideal for applications in accident scenes that are difficult to access as well as in the area of prevention for the detection of explosive devices, weapons and unauthorized objects (e.g. drones).



Innovative, customized sensors for production and industry have been a focal point at Fraunhofer FHR for many years already. The institute conducts research on compact sensors for quality control in real time. Apart from in-line capability and reliability, the price also plays an essential role in the development phase. The activities in the business unit Production aim to make an important contribution to the improved acquisition of production parameters using state-of-the-art technology with the ultimate view of creating further competitive advantages for its project partners.