Business Units

Business Units

Fraunhofer FHR supports its customers and partners through its ability to develop innovative products in six business units. The business units are continuously adapted in line with the respective market situation.



In its Defense unit, Fraunhofer FHR develops applications for the reconnaissance, surveillance and protection of land, water and air with radar systems of all sizes on various platforms. Due to its specific properties, radar can be used to acquire positional information and high-resolution, real-time images in practically all weather conditions. Thanks to its extensive, transdisciplinary know-how in hardware and software, Fraunhofer FHR can offer its counseling for its partners in industry and the German Armed Forces.



Radar is the most important sensor for the surveillance and reconnaissance of near-Earth space. For its customers, Fraunhofer FHR develops tailored systems and techniques for the detection, tracking and imaging. The primary objective is to gather information about individual satellites and the general situation in space, perform risk analysis, provide mission support and generate radar signatures. Space agencies all over the world rely on the support of the institute, its know-how and its unique large-scale space observation radar TIRA.



Radar is one of the most important sensors for the early detection and avoidance of dangerous situations in the traffic environment. In the business unit Traffic, Fraunhofer FHR has a broad spectrum of solutions which are interesting for practically all areas of the transport infrastructure (air, water and land transport).



High frequency sensors can make important contributions in the areas of renewable energies, forest damage analysis, environmental pollution monitoring and accompanying ecological research. These systems can supplement or replace existing sensors and help to gather additional information. These include innovative radar techniques for the appropriate control and identification of wind turbines, the detection of signs of life for animal welfare, but also the utilization of environmentally friendly passive radar technology.



The technological boundary between internal and external security is becoming increasingly blurred. In this business unit, Fraunhofer FHR offers person scanners, scanners for letters, bags and cases, sensors for the detection of fire sources, mine and cavity detectors as well as MIMO systems for monitoring critical infrastructure and the protection of rescue teams in the event of a major disaster. The primary objective is the development of compact, active and passive security sensors with improved performance and reduced costs in all application areas.



Radar systems are particularly suitable in situations where the ambient conditions do not permit the utilization of optical sensors. High frequency technology by Fraunhofer FHR can be employed to screen a wide range of optically non-transparent materials. The tiniest material differences – even those that an x-ray would not find – can be revealed. The capability to precisely measure distances in the micrometer range is the key to consistently high quality, parallel to zero-defect production.